About Us



Yes Fitness Box started as an idea in my notes app on my iPhone. I decided that fitness would be my niche after I almost passed out twice while feeling my heart beat slow all the way down. Yes I was mortified and followed up with doctors’ appointments. The first doctor’s appointment the doctor said that I was fine and I was completely healthy. The second doctor’s appointment was to a cardiologist. That’s when my now doctor discovered that I have a leaking valve in my heart. Just to give you an image of what I look like I am a really tall (5’8”) skinny girl weighing about 145 pounds so I look pretty healthy on the outside. Fun fact I have also been told that I have sciatica for about five years now, and now I have a leaking valve in my heart. Oh boy!!

I am not a fitness person but I needed to change at least a little bit of my routine to ensure that I stayed as healthy as possible. There is no cure for sciatica but stretching helps with relieving the sharp shooting pain. Also if my heart gets any worse I would need surgery. Therefore I picked a workout that was pretty easy but effective and that was jumping rope. Jumping rope is one of the best cardiovascular exercises.

While looking for products to use on my new journey I realized that a lot of products were super expensive and there were not a lot of companies that represented me.

Light bulb moment!! Why don’t I start my own fitness company? In the back of my mind I’m like no, no way.  But it was no time for excuses so I told myself YES, yes to fitness. Ladies and gentlemen that is how the name and the idea of Yes Fitness Box started. 

Yes Fitness box allows you to choose three astounding products for the price of one. There are so many products that can help you to be physically, emotionally and mentally healthy. Whether it is attaining a body weight goal, or emotionally feeling positive (I love to listen to music while I work out.) or mentally feeling empowered because you feel and look great.

Thank you for trusting my online store with your fitness journey, just remember fitness starts with a yes. - CEO